Below Services Offered For Project , Maintenance and Modification Services

» All type of Relay and Contactor Control Based Automation.

» All type PLC, SCADA, Dedicated Controller Based Automation Project.

» Automation Upgradation /Modification/Remote Data Logging .

» Hydraulic and Pneumatic Automation Based Solutions.

» EOT / Crane Automation Based Solutions.

» Microcontroller Based Custom Controller Development.

» Wired or Wireless / Remote Control based Solutions.

» Motor Speed Control Based on AC Drive, DC PWM Control Method.

» Servo Motor Controller Programming and Setup.

» Electrical Control Panel Wiring , Drawing Preparation , Layout design of cable paths in plant including cable trays, cable sizing & cable type Selection.

» Electrical & control engineering documentation required for pre-commissioning, commissioning & maintenance work.

» Design of control panels (PLC panel, Remote IO panel, Drive panel, Soft-starter panel).

» Services of Instrumentation products (Sensors, Transmitters, Timers, Controllers)

» Repairing of Electronic Circuit of PLC, HMI, Drives, Field device electronics.

» Automation & Control Panel related services (PLC/HMI/SCADA programming and modification, trouble shooting in PLCs, Remote IOs, HMIs, SCADA & controllers).

Industries We Serve

» Packing Industry

» Logistic Industry

» Machinery Manufacturing Industry

» Automobile Industry

» Electronic Industry

» Pharmaceutical Industry

» Food Processing Industry

» Garment Industry